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Development in progress: Mixed Reality Development with Hololens 2

TRANSIENT EXPOSURE is an artistic experiment with the Hololens 2, the latest Mixed Reality goggles from Microsoft, which some may already know from artistic works such as BLOOM: Open Space by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers or Concrete Storm by Studio Shift (both 2018). Usually, it is used in industry – for example, in manual production by digitally overlaying additional information and instructions. So far, it has not been used much in art, which may also be due to its high price of over € 3,000 – however, it is sometimes also lent by Microsoft for artistic projects, for example in the two cases mentioned above. The Hololens 2 features 6 degrees of freedom, area- and space-, as well as gesture-, hand- and speech recognition. It is also suitable for people wearing glasses. In XR_Unites, the Mixed Reality application for TRANSIENT EXPOSURE is being developed with the Unity game engine.