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Development in progress: The Kinect Recorder

In TRANSIENT EXPOSURE, we work with the Azure Kinect, a sensor bar that contains advanced AI sensors, a depth sensor and a spatial microphone array. The device can track body movements (keyword body tracking) and save them as a data set. The AI combines all collected data with a rough skeleton model.

To enable our team members in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to easily make recordings with the Azure Kinect for Unity, a recorder is being developed in XR_Unites which currently includes the following features:

  • Capture motion via the Kinect’s body tracking feature
  • Transferring these movements to a human 3D model
  • Save the motion as an animation of a 3D model in a separate file
  • Simultaneously record audio via a microphone
  • Saving the audio in a separate (.wav) file
  • Specifying a concrete recording time
  • Simultaneous playback of audio and animation
  • Loading and deleting the saved recordings via a menu