• XBPMMM on Shortlist of VR ART PRIZE
    Out of 78 submissions, our Artistic Fellow Janne Kummer made it to the shortlist of 15 selected VR artworks with XBPMMM! The prize of DKB in cooperation with CAA Berlin is announced annually and curated by Tina Sauerländer. The VR […]
  • Premiere of XBPMM at HAU Berlin
    We are very happy about the amazing premiere of the artistic multiplayer with virtual reality XBPMMM – A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies developed within XR_Unites in collaboration with our artistic fellows Janne Kummer, Anton Krause, and Steph Holl-Trieu and many […]
  • XR_Unites at 36. Stuttgarter Filmwinter
    As “one of the highlights”, the Stuttgart Filmwinter 2023 presented XBPMMM – Leaking Bodies, Porous Minds, M3lt1ng M4ch1n3s as an exclusive preview shortly before the premiere under the title A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies! The artists Janne Kummer and Anton […]
  • Art meets Tech meets Business
    The workshop “Art meets Tech meets Business” on 21.11.22 in cooperation with the business professionals Angela Höhle from the Gründungszentrum of HTW Berlin, Jana Pyrek and Christopher Purbst from IDiA – Ideas in Action was super intensive and informative. Twelve […]
  • Open Call #3 Jury Decision
    On 25.07.2022 the XR_Unites jury decided for the collaborative development of the “Sci-Fi Mini-Opera” with Virtual Reality AM ENDE DER WELT (WT) based on the concept of Nora Krahl, Amir Baltic, Lisa Ströckens, Vincent Kaufmann and Matin Soofipour Omam (last […]
  • XR Art & Networking Event 2022
    Our third and last XR_Unites XR Art & Networking was so nice!!! With best weather, exciting impulse talks and coffee mobile, almost 80 people from art, culture and informatics exchanged ideas about XR technologies in the independent cultural scene at […]
  • First public preview of XBPMMM
    On June 23, 2022 the first public preview of the VR multiplayer XBPMMM took place as part of the XR_Unites XR Art & Networking in and around Schloss Köpenick. The artists* Janne Kummer and Anton Krause were present. A prototype […]
  • Info event on Open Call #3
    Two info sessions on the Open Call with Maja Stark and one techi from the XR_Unites team are planned via Zoom (no registration required) to present the call and answer all your questions: On 31.05., 5-6 p.m. > Link to […]
  • Publication of Open Call #3
    The third and last XR_Unites OPEN CALL is now open!
  • XBPMMM: Avatar in progress #1
    The body and embodiment in virtual reality (VR) play a central role in XBPMMM.  Embodiment is understood as the perception of the environment is not only done by the brain, but also by the body: Body and mind cannot be […]