Artistic fellows 10/21–08/22

From October 2021 to August 2022, the XR_Unites team collaborates with the three-person team Janne Kummer, Anton Krause, and Steph Holl-Trieu (since December 21 in place of Olga Hohmann) as part of XBPMMM (wt).

Janne Kummer

Janne Kummer is a director, performance and media artist. She teaches and researches on the subject of the body and digitalization, techno/cyberfeminism and new materialism, among others in the Master Play & Object at the HfS Ernst Busch and the Open Lab Berlin. In her artistic practice, she develops alternative narratives and narrative formats that do justice to the complexity of a world shaped by technology, digitalization and globalization and that move outside established power mechanisms. Her current focus is on networking organic bodies and digital media using sensors and actuators to produce interactions and sensory experiences. In XBPMMM (wt), she is responsible for the artistic conception, game design in Blender and Unity, research and construction of the feedback system with pneumatically manipulable materials, and text production.

Anton Krause

Anton Krause is a maker and game developer with roots in the theater scene. Since 2014 he has been working as a developer for independent groups like machine eX, doublelucky productions or OutOfTheBox. Through his master’s degree in Game & Object at HfS Ernst Busch, he deepened his knowledge of Unity over the last two years. He is working on the interfaces between Unity applications and microcontrollers using the MQTT network protocol. In XBPMMM (wt) he is significantly responsible for the implementation and planning of the circuits for the sensors and actuators. He is also involved in the discussion of user experience and interface design as well as backend programming in Unity. He brings basic knowledge in networking and electrical engineering and has an advanced understanding in the programming languages python, C# and javascript.

Steph Holl-Trieu

Steph Holl-Trieu works with methodologies of performance, gameplay, theoryfiction writing and collective worldsculpting. She is interested in imbrications and slippages between digital materialism, earthly ecologies and technical aesthetics. Steph will contribute with theoretical and aesthetic research, dramaturgy and text production.