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Locomotion, interaction and UI in virtual reality

Photo: Slide from Leonid Barsht’s presentation

The XBPMMM meeting on 01.12.21 started with a guest presentation by AURORA developer and media computer scientist Leonid Barsht about locomotion, interaction and user interface in virtual reality.

During the following discussion it became clear that we will probably test some VR applications as references for locomotion and interaction in the near future – we will keep you posted! For XBPMMM a combination of different locomotion and interaction possibilities (possibly depending on the level of the multiplayer) is planned.

And traraaaa: At this meeting the Unity project was restructured based on the preliminary work of Janne and Anton. That means that now – parallel to the development of the storyboard – we can start with the development!

The focus of storyboard and development is first on level 0, where you arrive, and the third and thus last scene – both in combination with the softrobots and the MQTT protocol. The goal is to think and develop the (browser-based) WebGL and VR multiplayer in parallel.