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XBPMMM as paradise for computer scientists

Anton Krause presents the WebGL-Multiplayer. Photo: XR_Unites, HTW Berlin

XBPMMM (AT) addresses a huge range of exciting computer science areas – most of which have to do with embodiment experience in VR. On 10/27/21, the second meeting on this took place at the Research Center for Culture and Informatics (FKI) at HTW Berlin. The artists shared their experiences with the MQTT protocol, we played the already developed WebGL multiplayer, Janne Kummer brought softrobot forms cast out of silicone and skills, responsibilities and necessary technologies were important topics.

Potential work areas for further development:

  • Cross Platform Development (XR)
  • Multiplayer in WebGL and VR (bring together)
  • Integration of MQTT on different hardware and software and the interpolation of data between devices
  • Physicality and locomotion in VR
  • Deformability of meshes (avatar body).
  • Materials, textures (size, scaling, export from Blender)
  • Handling light in Unity and WebGL